Clash Of Clans Gold Mine - Resource Building

In the Clash Of Clans game, Gold Mines are used to producing golds from the underground reserves and collects it until the player collects the golds into his gold storage.
Clash Of Clans Gold Mine

When the gold mine reached its limits then the gold production gets stops and so the player has to collect the golds to restart its production.

In the clash of clans, game golds are used to buy the armies and the walls and to upgrade them. So golds are the important resources of the clash of clans games.

Clash Of Clans Gold Mine

Gold mines thus produce the golds from the underground reserve and golds are then collected in the gold storage to be used for the upgrade of walls and armies. So gold mines are used to produce golds which can be used to upgrade and buy armies and walls in the clash of clans.

Clash Of Clans Gold Mines Features

  • Gold Mines are used to producing golds from the underground reserves and collects it until the player collects the golds into his gold storage.

  • Gold Mines take 3*3 Space in the game.

  • The production rate of the golds by the gold mines depends on the level of the gold mines.

  • You can boost the productions of the gold mines for a day when it reaches to level 5 by using the gems you are having.

  • The gold storage will collect the gold automatically when you will upgrade your gold mines to the next level.

  • When you will spend gems to boost your production then it will double the production rate of the gold mines for a day.

  • You can upgrade your gold mines with the use of Elixirs.
LevelBuild Cost ElixirBuild TimeExperience Gained XPBoost CostGemCapacity (Gold) GoldProduction Rate GoldHit PointsTime to Fill Catch Up Point*Town Hall Level Required
11501m7N/A500200/hr4002h 30mN/A1
23005m17N/A1,000400/hr4502h 30m5m1
370015m30N/A1,500600/hr5002h 30m30m2
41,4001h60N/A2,500800/hr5503h 7m 30s3h2
67,0006h146520,0001,300/hr61015h 23m 5s20h3
714,00012h207630,0001,600/hr63018h 45m2d 4h4
828,0001d293750,0001,900/hr6601d 2h 18m 57s5d 8h4
956,0002d415875,0002,200/hr6801d 10h 5m 28s12d 16h5
1084,0003d5099100,0002,500/hr7101d 16h22d5
11168,0004d58710150,0003,000/hr7502d 2h20d7
12336,0005d65710200,0003,500/hr8402d 9h30d8

Gold Mines Status

  • Level 1 -  A Simple Wooden Gold Mine

  • Level 2 -  Two wooden bars appear on the outside of the wooden structure.

  • Level 3 -  A third wooden reinforcing bar also appears.

  • Level 4 -  Fourth Wooden Bar Is Added.

  • Level 5 -  All the wooden reinforcing bars are replaced with the blue-gray steel bar.

  • Level 6 -  A small wooden reinforcing bar again added to the back of mine.

  • Level 7 -  Blue Gray Steel Bars Become larger.

  • Level 8 -  A pulley and one more steel bar is added.

  • Level 9 -  Additional pulley hardware is added.

  • Level 10- A large gear appears beside the pulley wheel.

  • Level 11 - Pulley wheel grows larger.

  • Level 12 - Pulley System becomes gold.


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