Grand Warden Clash Of Clans New Hero December Update

Grand Warden Clash Of Clans New Hero December Update

Clash Of Clans has been updated with the best sneak peek ever, everything has been revealed in the clash of clans with its update. Clash Of Clans New Hero has been revealed to all whose name is the Grand Warden.

Grand Warden Clash Of Clans

Yes, Grand Warden is the new hero revealed by the Clash Of Clans update. Grand Warden's Hero ability cis turn the tide of battle at level 5 in clash of clans.

Grand Warden New Hero Details

  • So here we are with another Clash of Clans wiki, the Grand Warden, the new Clash of Clans hero details.
  • But there is something the new Hero Grand Warden is only available after you upgrade your town hall to level 11 and you should need a regular elixir to buy and upgrade it.
  • Grand Warden can reach a maximum level of 20. You can use it for both air and ground forces to attack armies on the ground, and the air is all up to you.
  • In air mode, it can fly like the other air forces, but can attack through air defense, but not through cannons and mortals.
  • Use powerful new battlefield tactics by strengthening and protecting your troops
  • The Grand Warden reinforces all nearby troops and can temporarily make them invincible!
  • He jumps, he flies - fit the Grand Warden into any strategy and make your army shine.
  • Grand Warden Status - Clash Of Clans Wiki
  • Maximum level = 2
  • Grand Warden has two abilities, one of which is his passive aura of life and the other is his Eternal Tome ability.
  • Grand Warden costs 6 million elixirs.
  • It can be set to ground or air mode
  • While it sounds cool to use it in flight mode with a ground attack, it's actually a bad idea as it will be attacked by air traps and air defenses.
  • So here you can see the status of a tall guard. Enjoy the new updates from Clash of Clans now.


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